History of House Music – 2006 – Chuck Love, Göknil Gökmen, Rulers Of The Deep

History of House Music Podcast – Episode 7 – 2006 – Classic House Mix

Kitchen DJs

Ghettofunk & Blacksoul – Can’t Let Go
Soularis ft. Mandy Edge – I Told You (Jay J’s Shifted Up Dub)
Chuck Love – Hidden Message
Chuck Love – Dream Deep
Goknil Gokmen – Trip To 78
My My – Buttflies & Zebras
Dp-6 – Cruise
Rulers Of The Deep – Lyrics Of Consciousness
Snake Sedrick – Only One Way
Dp-6 – Summer Time
Cosmic Belt – Do It
Dan Welton – Lisopain (The Pushers Sublinguual Dub)

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6. History of House Music – 2001

Stolen CDs & Rudy Giuliani

Romanthony – Trust (Kerri Chandler Dub)
Satin Souls – Aziza (Deep Lovers Dub)
Cut Copy – Glittering Clouds
Problem Kids – Magic
Inland Knights – I Feel This Way
Silicone Soul – Chic-O-Laa
The Girl Next Door – Ready Or Not (M&S Epic Dub)
Shakedown – Get Down (Original Club Mix)
Petalpusher – Rely On Me (Petalpusher Dub)
Soopa-Fi – Rock That Spot (Tom Clark Remix)
G Pal – Krevadence
Soul Mekanik – I’ll Call U (Thin Red Man Mix)

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5. History of House Music – 1996

$1 dollar deep house and Tupac drive-by…

Cheek – Venus (Sunshine People Mix)
Mousse T – Come and Get It
3rd Vision – Higher Reach
Two Lone Swordsmen – Glide by Shooting
Dirty Jesus – Cut The Rug (Jazz Dat Ride Mix)
Erecto Mundo – On The Strength
Ferry Ultra – Dangerous Vibes (Nelson’s Nasty Dub)
Sandy B – Make the World Go Round (Deep Dish Vocal Mix Edit)
Andronicus – Make You Whole (Lisa Marie Experience Mix)
Nick Holder – Erotic Illusions ’96
24 Hour Experience – Jus’ A Vibe
Nick Holder – My D.O.D.
Percy X – Loner

4. History of House Music – 2009

RIP Michael Jackson 2009 and Avatar $3 Billion !!

Giom – I Know You Were Right
Lisa Shaw – Like I Want to (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub)
Ross Couch – All At Sea
Stan Kolev – Reversed Frequencies
Hanna – Sometimes (Manuel Sahagun Remix)
Danny Stott – Kyoto (Ross Couch Remix)
Atomm – I’m Laughing
Beltek – Playmaker (Passenger 10 Remix)
Umek – Center of Gravity (Max Demand’s Tech Remix)
Sam Ball – Weirdo
2000 & One – Mejiro
Helly Larson – Visions
Actor One – Break Up
Artette – I Thought so
Manuel De Lorenzi – Still Here

3. History of House Music – 2002

The year of burned CDs and Napster.

Outcold – Can’t Stop Dancing
Blue Six – Music and Wine (Speakeasy 3000)
Solaris Heights – Midnight (Dub Mix)
Tiefschwarz – Acid Soul
Milton Jackson – Dimensional
Prophets of Sound – Tide Of Dreams
Mirage – You Know (I Like It) (Terry & Gregg Mix)
Phunk Investigation – Be Good (Psycho Dubinvest)
Deep Dish – Come Back (Fd Underground Mix)
Airgap – Resolve (Dub Mix)
Novatek – May 15th
Diadem – Mel


2. History of House Music – 1998

1998 – Dial-up Internet and Monica Lewinsky

Cricco Castelli – Life Is Changing
Problem Kids – Keep On Livin’
Jamie Anderson – The Dance
Weekender – Hugo’s Dub
Ben E. Clock – Sine Musica Nulla Vita
Mike 303 – Saint Sylvestre
Romina Johnson – My Forbidden Lover (Bini + Martini Villa Gucci Dub)
Groove Terminator – Losing Ground (Coursey & Duene’s Mirrorball Remix)
Black & White Brothers – Put Your Hands Up (DJ Tonka Full Version)
Troy Brown – Feel Alright
Jamie Anderson – Dolphin (Dave Angel Rework 2)
Orinoko – Mama Konda (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix)
Vincenzo – Peace Is Not The Word To Play (I-Cube’s Vocopop’s Muzak Mix)

1. History of House Music – 2004

Welcome to the first episode of The History of House Music!
We’re kicking off with the year 2004


Marino Berardi – Tool Time (Dub Mix)
Joyce Elaine Yuille – So4real (Part.2) (Soul-Dub Mix2inside)
Miguel Migs – Making Moves
Bhooka & T-Bone feat. Shena – No More (Soulworks Remix)
Chris J – Almost Lost
Freeland – Supernatural Thing (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
Mei Lwun ft. Gina Rene – Too Late (Behrouz and Andy’s Mainframe Remix)
D’Malicious – The Last Song on Earth
J & S – Hidden Sky
Amani vs. Teapot – Future (Dub Mix)
Shahi – Royal Bengal (Mark Knight & Martijn ten Velden Remix)
Peppergames – Just Keep On (Chicago Hitman Mix)
Kelvin K & Jon Gray – 22 Degrees
Afro Centric Vibe – Let’s Be Free (Deep Instrumental)