History of House Music – Best of 2001 – Chicken Lips, Atjazz, Silicone Soul

Soul Phiction – Traffic Lights
Dj Rhythm – Feel the Music
Pete Moss – Sometimes
Jazztronik – Dont Hold In Your Tears (Central Living Remix)
Frankman – Mellow Madness
Atjazz – It’s Complete (Uschi’s Expression Dub)
Chicken Lips – Eggy’s Pause Button (Idjut Boys Remix)
Télépopmusik – Breathe
Martino Lozeg – 4 AM In Mourning
Koop – Relaxin at Club F**kin
Home & Garden – Innocent (Swayzak Remix)
Silicone Soul – Right On! (Can 7 Taste the Music Mix)
Luis Radio – House Music (Pasta Boys Dub Mix)
Audio Soul Project – Community


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